List of  AGS Publication:

Analytical Geography Journal

      1. Volume 3 (1&2): June-Dec, 2015.

AGS Monograph

       1. Dimensions of Geographical Research,

                Vol. I and II: Contains abstracts of all thesis/dissertations submitted between 1959-1996 to the University of Delhi for the award

                of Ph.D. and M.Phil. in Geography.

       2. Geography in Delhi: Research Themes and Perspectives, Ed. B. Thakur, 2005, New Delhi Manisha Publication.

Occasional Publication - Vasudha

       1. Mukerjee, A.B. (1989) "Relevance of Sankalia to the Cultural Geography of India".

       2. Kapur, A. (1996) "Unfinished words and untold works of an Indian Geographer: Professor (Mrs.) S.G. Burman.

       3. Kayastha, S.L. (2000) "Water: Sustainable Management of a vital resources".

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